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The saying goes “if you bleed with me then you are my brother”.  Family comes first, we believe and honor that. We as wrestlers bleed, sweat and cry for this business together. Our fans and our supporters help give us the strength to do so. With that said, we would like to say welcome to our brotherhood. Welcome to our family. Welcome to           WRESTLING OVER EVERYTHING.

Our Story

You know our mission. Here is our “about us” and our why. 


  Guy one: Chuck Lauderdale. His love for wrestling was along his first memories of watching WCW on Saturdays and Sundays with his father. While his mother was not exactly a fan, she did, and I quote “think flexy Lexy is so sexy”.  More on her later.  He broke into professional wrestling to close a chapter with his father after his passing. Being in the ring brought him closure. He would eventually attend a seminar and be told to leave to the business better than he found it by guy two. 

  Guy two: Jon Davis. His love of wrestling started as a child while watching the NWA on Saturdays and Sundays with his grandfather. He would later be inspired by Bret Hart vs the British Bulldog to become a wrestler himself. Fast forward and he has had a moderately successful career and has dedicated the back half of said career to make sure that he does his part to leave the business better than he found it as a form of closure after his grand fathers passing. He would eventually end up hosting a seminar where he would meet Chuck and plant the seed in his mind to have the same outlook. 

  Our why: Sandra Richardson Walker. There are not enough words to describe who she was as a woman and a mother, how big her heart was or how deeply she impacted the lives of those she loved. She left us way too soon but left us with the motivation to push forward in attempt to leave this business better than we found it…


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